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Danger "Werner Koppel"




Danger "Werner Koppel"



As we have been informed, Dr. Werner Koppel is describing himself as an employee, CEO, director or co-operation partner of company NSA. We want to point out strongly that this is a cheating of Mr. Werner Koppel. Company NSA absolutely don’t have any dealings with Dr. Werner Koppel. Dr. Werner Koppel absolutely has no bearing on company NSA. There is also a notice of the NÖ Gebietskrankenkasse (= regional health insurance fund).

Further Mr. Koppel untruly carries the title “Dr.” for managing misdirected business. Prosecution and Courts are assigned to follow up and instituted preliminary proceedings.

Please take attention, if Mr. Werner Koppel gets in contact with you. 

Wolfgang HÖFER,

CEO der NSA Bewachungs-Detektei GmbH



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